Friday, December 19, 2014

The Workbench

So after posting some of the Darkhaven Army in progress, I thought I'd put up some pix from other minis getting attention...

These three pix are for my Nordland Army.  All figs are from Copplestone.  I love Copplestone minis.  And the fuzzy green balls behind them are the tops of my Seuss trees.

Here are my Pygmies (Blue Moon) with bows, blowpipes, and javelins in a kraal/stockade.  You can see huts behind.

Belit and Conan (both Copplestone) leading her Corsairs (Blue Moon).

A Monolith made from insulation foam.

Elven chariots (Mighty Armies).  These are obviously not the best sculpts... I mean they're not as sexy as Copplestone, Demonworld, or Xyston... but they really paint up well... especially with my style of painting.  Hopefully that's praise for the minis rather than condemnation of my abilities.

The Elves are all from Demonworld.  The panther mount is... I dunno... it is a lioness from some 28mm line.  And the tiger is actually a rubber toy from a quarter bin.

And a shot of the above Elves in front of my mushroom forest.  The mushrooms were made from wooden pegs and two part wood putty.  Also, you can see a stand of fairy godmothers (Chariot).

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